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At Shree Ram Krishna Govind Dairy, our whole milking procedure is automated and untouched by human hands. We attempt new and creative cultivating strategies with old dairy conventions to give the most astounding standard of pure and healthy milk. This is one main thing, why our milk tastes so good. Apart from this, customer satisfaction is the most significant piece of our services. We are particularly glad in giving quality to our customers with no trade-off and imperatives in our milk. We guarantee to give farm fresh, pure and hygienic milk every time that everybody can utilize and appreciate, making more satisfied customers.

Grass-fed Cow Maintenance in a well-suited condition

As nature of dairy animal’s milk depends upon what they eat and consume. We are giving farm grown absolutely fresh and healthy meal to ensure the proper diet for our Holstein Friesian Cattle breed cows. We are using vertical mixer to cut large bales or long straw to an even length which produces fluffy high quality mix for high feed intake. So that our cows can give better, creamier, healthy, and tasty milk.

Cow Cooling

Most of the cows suffer heat stress above 22C. In that case, if cows’ energy is consumed for maintaining body temperature, then there will be less milk production. So at that time, it’s your responsibility to make the correct atmosphere for expanding your yield. That’s why we are providing cow cooling to our cows, which is gentle to cows, environment, and bottom line if applied correctly. Cow cooling doesn’t require any additional water as cows drink less water when properly cooled. Cow cooling fans also consume less energy.

Swinging Cow Brush

Swinging cow brush is one of a kind safety mechanism for improved cow and user safety. It is basically used to keep cows calm and clean and it also improves grooming angles of the dairy animal. This brush which swings up, over and along the cows’ back and head, over and along her sides, so cow can groom herself all around. It reduces labor time, boosts milk yield and provide better cow health.

Hygienic Clean Machine Milking

Our cows are machine milked to ensure absolute hygiene, to deliver pure milk which is untouched by human hands. In this way, entire clean milking process via prepared group is performed daily with a manual approach. Henceforth our milking procedure is an ideal mix of adjusting ultra-present day innovation without bargaining the conventional touch.

Milk Testing and Quality Checking

The milk is cooled down first and afterward checked for freshness and any bacteria’s left. After machine milking, we routinely perform milk testing and quality checking to ensure 100% purity and quality milk. We keep a keen eye on milk quality, grain and all the procedures performed at our farm.


Milk is processed and packed using the best packaging bags, bottles and cans to keep it clean, fresh and results in more nourished and pure quality milk.


After all the processing and packaging, our best quality milk is transported from our farm to other dairy farms.

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