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About Us

Cow Farm

Shree Ram Krishna Govind Dairy is the Milking Farm (Cow Dairy Farm) serving preservative-free, chemical-free, healthy, tasty, pure and nutritious cow milk to various dairy farms. We are constantly attempting to give the best nature of milk by utilizing contemporary strategies and bound together administration combined with a profoundly dedicated and devoted group of experts. We worked to accomplish and maintain notoriety for providing quality milk.

100 percent Pure and Farm Fresh Cow Milk

Hygienic, Healthy, Tasty and Organic Milk

No added Preservatives or Substances

Chemical-free Nutritious Milk

Very less Bacterial Count

Why Us

Why Us?

  • We understand the need and noteworthy part played by proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your day-to-day lives, fortifying and ensuring the body and brain to carry on your daily tasks with full-on energy. And in that way cow milk is a full form of nutrition required for your body.
  • Our cows are machine milked to ensure absolute hygiene, to deliver pure milk which is untouched by human hands.
  • We do packaging of milk utilizing the best packaging bags, bottles and cans, which are non-harmful and easily disposable, results in more nourished and pure quality milk.
  • We ensure that our milk doesn't contain any unsafe substances, chemical or additives for which we give strict quality tests throughout.
  • Our cow milk acquired is unadulterated and doesn’t have any other additives, which is generally utilized by other nearby dairy sellers. We guarantee the milk remains pure and safe by utilizing required techniques.
  • The cows are not given any hormonal infusions to help their milk growth.
Mission & Vision Icon

Mission and Vision

As we all know, milk provides most important nutrition’s, vitamins and minerals required for our body as the fundamental piece of development. So, it’s much needed that we let this nutritious drink hold its purity and freshness all over. That’s why at Shree Ram Krishna Govind Dairy, we keep up a thorough investigation on the milk quality properly, to give unadulterated, fresh, pure and healthy milk to each of our buyers.

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